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Green (Gluten Free)

Vegetarian stock and coconut milk blended with greens, ginger, lemongrass and coriander.
Mirizan Green Sauce 2019

Peanut (Savory)

A mild mix of coconut milk & vegetarian stock with a richness of peanut sauce.
Mirizan Peanut Sauce 2019

Red (Spicy)

A kick of 3 spices with vegetarian stock and coconut milk.
Mirizan Red Sauce 2019

About Us

The Story of Mirizan

I started Mirizan because I love to cook in my own kitchen at home and I love to try different type of foods that have a lot of flavor. One day I decided to come up with a recipe that could go along with any food and never seemed to be boring. Our key is quick and simple, just add our Mirizan sauce to your dish and it will elevate you to a whole new dining experience.

As I am a wife, making dishes for the family at home makes me absolutely sure about the benefits of protein and vegetables. I believe everybody can cook, so can you. We are what we eat and the most important thing is to bring happiness and share it with loved ones! Mirizan has a very unique flavor and contains high quality ingredients. Having Mirizan in your refrigerator will absolutely be a plus because it’s the key to all the secrets you can find in a kitchen!


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